I guess I have all I need.
It’d be cool to have you too though.

Okay I know I’m a young first time mom but seriously I fucking know i need to sleep and eat. Common sense. Fuck off add let me handle it. You haven’t helped me at all when I genuinely needed and wanted it now I really fucking don’t so back the hell off. Jesus.


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Nope not like I wanted to spend time with or share an interest with you nope but cause we aren’t gonna play video games and I wanna watch Evangelion you’re gonna take a nap. Not that we haven’t had the house to ourselves in a week. It’s cool. I’ll just continue to be lonely and sad.

You fucking asswipe. You straight up said to me if I ever got pregnant, either I got an abortion or you’d leave me and either way you considered your life ruined. You fucking piece of shit. Now your YOUNGER THAN ME GIRLFRIEND is pregnant and HUH THAT’S OKAY NO WORRIES. Fucking cock. I hope your kid is stupid. Seriously. Like. Lower than low IQ. And it loves country music and resents your fucking crazy ass. Fuck you. Not to mention you said you hoped I realized my life was ruined when I found out I was pregnant and it’s going to ruin me. HA. Karma. Fuck you.

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Anonymous asked: You are actually preggo? Like forrealzies? Omg congrats!

Yeah son! Dude who are you btdubs you seem nice and yeah idk 

Anonymous asked: Wait. What baby????

I’m preggo homie

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